JanuaryCure 2018

Anyway, the floor cleaning and re-staining that Micro so nicely supervised are done and the wood stain is nicely curing (read: we’re camping on the guest sleeper sofa in the living room until the paint smell in the bedroom subsides…). Also, some of the wood stain made it onto Micro’s chest as he hopped into the paint tray to check it out properly. I managed to get it off his feet, but didn’t see the spot on his chest (white on white)… Oh well, we’ll have to have a longer bath-time this weekend.

Best product of the #januarycure this year? Definitely Grout rescue & seal. I wish we’d taken pictures of the terrible kitchen floor grout before and after! We had tried the baking soda & vinegar, more aggressive cleaning products, and the grout pen – but the grout reseal wins by far. It is almost the same as using the grout pen: you basically paint over the exiting grout. It didn’t stain the tiles, it stayed put on the grout – exactly what is was supposed to do from the description. For the moment, it’s stayed on very nicely when mopping the floor. We’ll see how it does when more time passes, but so far: a pretty amazing product.

The new product to try in the living room this weekend is the cast iron refresher. Hey, a girl needs to refresh her home cleaning kit every now and then 🙂 One other point on the list for this weekend is the dreaded file clear-out (shudder) and sorting/cleaning the living room, and then wrapping up the last things we didn’t get to finish in the kitchen last weekend (grout reseal moving towards the downstairs bathroom) and putting up new contact paper on the kitchen counters – (just for decorative purposes). Oh, and maybe – now that we can contemplate moving back into the bedroom – we need to replace the shower rod that died of old age before Christmas ( I told you we’ve been unwell, see how that shows?). I have, however, done all the silicone seals that were needed (shower, kitchen – one does remember the ‘walking rice’ on the kitchen floor after we had to have the exterminator for moths…? Double shudder. All sealed now, no drafts, no more mould, insert sigh of relief.)

I have really enjoyed being forced to stay in the living room that I don’t usually use that much other than on weekends. I found out that the couch is perfect for writing. If pulled out, I can use it just as well as my bed. And switching rooms changes/refreshes the perspective, helping me to get rid of old sorts of vibes.

Shredding and sorting (and a little cleaning) for the weekend ahead, and also (finally) trying out the new seriously dog-friendly cafe. We would have done so on Tuesday, but the house number on their website pointed to a block of flats, not to a coffee shop. Follow our insta feed to find out what we’re up to and let us now what you’re doing.

Happy weekend everyone!