Preparing for the colder season

What else for this coming weekend? Try and hunt for a sweater for the dog – not only because he gets cold (he really doesn’t have that much fur), but also because it seems to increase his otherwise pretty low self-esteem.

I might have to work a little this weekend to get those abstracts out in time before the deadline – also officially still on bed rest, so I need to work around that in order not to use up too much my just re-gained strength. Ah, the joys of chronic illness (irony off). Maybe try and listen to a few podcasts. I have been trying out overcast on my phone to listen to podcasts, and found that to be a total game changer. It’s a lot nicer to use than the apple app.

What else? I always plan lots of things for the weekend, end up doing too much on Fridays, and then have to stay in bed most of the weekend. How about, I try not to do that this time? That sounds like a good plan. On that note, let me go back to coding my data (currently known as ‘how did I code pain again?’), so I can spread that out over the day.

Have a fantastic weekend wherever you are!