Weekend preparations

Up to this weekend? I want to say we’re going to be doing nothing, but this is not going to work.


With J coming over for half-term, we really need to finish the vortex (insert: dread). It’s almost there, but somehow the ‘almost’ always takes more time than anything else. It might include making a couple of simple radiator covers (inspiration). We need at least something the one upstairs. We should pick up some insulation for behind the radiator in the living room (don’t want to heat up the neighbours’ place), and we might need to order the click-on window for the dreaded window in the bathroom (single glass and panelled window, almost no insulation; the solution is something like this). Or at least think about it…

Also, I could seal the big hole next to the guest toilet and fill all the gaps in/next to the skirting boards that I didn’t get to last year. And – to finish winterising the entrance – get that expandable curtain rail.


A pumpkin pie for me (as a late birthday cake)


Our mini-trip to France in a few weeks. Hotels are already sorted, now where to go, what to see, where to eat, sit down for coffee, go for a walks with doggo…On that note, I am still searching for a good pair of jeans to travel in, any suggestions?

Also, planning to sit on the couch and watch nonsensical movies, eat curry, soup, pie, banana bread, ice-cream (not necessarily in that order) and drink lots home-made chai (kept me together this week).

Have a great weekend!