Micro’s page

My name is Micro, I’m a Bo-Jack (Boston Terrier – Jack Russell cross) and I adopted my humans when I was very little. The first three months of my life were a bit scary, but I decided to give these two humans a chance anyway. I was very shy, but they helped me gain a little self confidence one day at a time, and introduced me to playing with balls – balls are the best!

My humans had all kinds of stupid pre-conceptions, such as ‘the dog will never sleep on the bed’…. but I cured them of those pretty soon. I now protect their sleep, and I let them clean my paws before we go to bed. Besides, I like hiding my ball under their blankets and then dig to find it again 😉

Here are a few things I’d like to share:


Micro’s packing list

Whenever I go travelling with my humans, I get to take my own bag (I’ve become very good at unpacking it if the zipper isn’t closed all the way… but I have to be fast!). If you’re planning to go traveling together, head over to the blog to see my packing list.


My first budget

So, you’re a human and you’ve decided to get a dog? Congratulations, that’s a great decision! Your new companion will be so grateful for all the time you’re going to spend with him/her, and they’ll love you unconditionally in return. Your life will never be the same! If you are doing your first dog budget, my humans have put together some tips to consider. Have a look at their blog post A budget for my dog


Long leash – yes or no?

I don’t think I need a leash… but sometimes it’s difficult to stop playing with my ball when I’m tired. It makes me sad (I cry a lot, when I’m tired), but I simply don’t manage to let go of my ball, or to go close to my humans who might take it away. My humans have found a way to help me: a very long leash! I get to play with my favourite ball, and everyone feels safer. If you’re looking for a good leash and want an ideas of some of the options out there, have a look at this blog post.


National Trust dog walks (UK only)

My humans try to take me everywhere they go, because they know I stop eating and sometimes get sick for an entire week when they leave me with a dog sitter. They try to take me to places I really love – like the BEACH!!! (although we could go more often…). If you want to go on fun walks with your dog, have a look at the suggestions in this blog post: Adventures in the English countryside. You’ll find links to the National Trust’s dog walk suggestions and some other ideas.