Finding a voice

[su_dropcap style=”simple” size=”5″]H[/su_dropcap]ello? Is someone still reading this? It has been such a long time and no post. I could say it’s because we have been so busy (which is true) but I already tried to get away from glorifying the ‘being busy’ in 2015, and I’m not about to re-start that in 2016.

But what do I want from 2016? I want to make time for things that are important to me, and somehow this blog is important, otherwise why would we have kept it up and running for such a long time? My big problem (or one of them…) was that I felt I had no voice left. Not my singing voice, which thanks to the building works next door gets ample grounds for training – my own inner voice, which I felt I have let people trample and almost suffocate because of what happened (see short explanation here).  I need to make my peace with it and move forward. This doesn’t mean I will forget – we all know, women don’t forget, they archive 🙂

Inevitably, though, with time not only the blogosphere changed (as you all are more than aware of), as well as the individuals behind the blog (or the instagram feed or YouTube channel), which is sometimes fascinating to be part of – and sometimes … not so much. Anyway, you probably read more than one blog post about blogs changing/dying at the start of the year like this one or this one here, and I will not follow this lemming movement and dive into it. However, I think we can all agree, the simple blog is no more and if you want to stay alive you need to consciously spend more time on it. We bought new Leuchtturm time planners, maybe this will help to keep us on our toes. We will need this anyway as we have to move at the beginning of March (eeeek!).

I hope this will be an interesting year and we can keep documenting our ideas out here in the blog for you to read, comment and even maybe be inspired. Happy (belated) 2016!