Dear Friday – Christmas flu edition

The we-get-sick-before-Christmas edition… I don’t know if it was the cold weather or just being overworked and tired (or all the above), but we down with a cough.

While resting, I’m trying to catch up with part 3 of  Monster 1983  (or try to not fall asleep while listening to it). It’s a German horror audio drama written by Ivar Leon Menger (and others). For English speakers here is an interview in English at the bottom you’ll find links to UK and US version of Monster 1983 part 1.

We have been able to go to one carol singing for Battersea dogs and cats home – this was a ‘sans dogs event’ so that people could focus on the ambassador dogs or dogs looking for a new home. Lots of wonderful dogs out there, if you’re looking for a new dog in your life. (and of course there are plenty of more charities to investigate trying to find good homes for dogs).

The church was pretty full, and lots of people cued up outside for a considerable time – I suppose rehearsal ran late. There was some good singing (from our part – hum, hum) and some cuddling with ambassador dogs (sorry not to see any cats though). Having followed a few local blogger, I found that there will be another carol singing with dogs at Chiswick House.

What else? I will try to come up with a meal plan pre and post Christmas so that we can start to pre-cook and freeze things. I don’t want to spend time in the kitchen when my parents are here.

If you’re looking for a new print out wall calendar Fee has done new 2018 editions.

Gifts for my sister’s family that we got here, need to be packed up and to the post-office . Check your deadlines so you don’t miss out shipping those presents and cards! Then there is, of course always Amazon Prime to the rescue.

The next cold front is rolling in today. I can actually feel it getting cooler in the house. I’m seriously considering buying a new winter jacket  from Owney (on that note: I need to remember where exactly we store my pretty – dog park unfriendly – coat…)

I have had Owney Arnauti version (sized up to add extra layer if needed), but I really like the warmer ‘Arctic’ version. They come in some pretty colours, too. Hmmm,….

Arnauti has been holding up really well (it ‘sgoing on three winters now)  and I have to wash it very frequently as Micro jumps up (part of his recall training, or on command, he just loves to jump). However the conclusion is I generally look like I have rolled in the mud when leaving the dog park, especially when it rains like yesterday. I walk into the house and almost straight into the washing machine.

Now, it’s time for another chai latte and some more writing (on pain nonetheless, haha) to be done before I can call it a weekend. And then time for some Sonnentor Tee (which reminds me I need to put in an order), dinner and some French version of the GGBO (le meilleur patissier).

Have a great weekend and wrap-up warm!