Packing lists and holiday plans

I have super long colour-coded lists for what needs to go where and what still needs to get done today.

Once I finish my conference presentation on Tuesday (keep your fingers crossed for me!) I will be having a little more time to delve into more holiday related things – even though technically we’re not going to be on holiday for another two weeks yet, but working remotely from Germany and, in G’s case, dialling into calls.

Things on the Germany list are:
  • 10 food podcasts for travel – we have broken up our travel into smaller chunks to be able to enjoy it more
  • Visit the Zoo in Hamburg – maybe with my nephews, even though Grit is still recovering from the visit in May when 3-year old M told her what a common wombat (Naktnasenwombat in German) is. He was slightly indignant that she didn’t already know… Unfortunately Hamburg is far less open to dogs in the zoo compared to Hanover or Münster, where dogs can come along – just not into the open areas (where animals roam freely).
  • More barbecue with this one or this one
  • Virtual life meets real life: meeting fellow blogger/instagrammer Lolle Pampolle in person!
  • Trivial things, such as making sure we hit the end of the sale at home, or talking German to each other and realising that everyone can actually really understand you (frequent mistake for people living abroad).

Happy weekend! Let us know what you’re up to!