Dear Friday – February edition

Dear Friday, this is going to be a day with lots of appointments. When this goes online (and you will read it with your Friday morning coffee) we will be in Germany and I will sit at the dentist (please think of me!), then comes the vet: Micro needs the  public de-worming, which he hates with a passion. He’d rather be prodded with a needle than swallowing that thing. After that it’s off to the endocrinologist and then (finally) time to stroll through town and (hopefully) a bit of relaxation. Of course our usually coffee place won’t work – after a couple of horrible espressi (yes, this is the correct plural for espresso) I deeply mistrust most of the coffee places on that level. Tea will be better. Micro can listen to my Dad playing the piano at home in the meantime, because I have a long list what we need to buy before heading home on Saturday morning.

How is our whole 30-thing going? Yes, still going strong. Not having dairy seem to have gotten rid of my achy joins in my hand and toes and it looks like the inflammation in my tummy could be going down (is it too early to rejoice here?, and we feel lighter (if that makes sense). Not more energy though for neither for G or myself, which in my case is fine, I wasn’t really anticipating getting more energy. This is the first week where we don’t feel any craving for milk in the coffee – yey, it only took 14 days.

It might be a good thing to stay away from pre-packaged, ready-made food and invest some time into cooking yourself, especially when you read this.

We work really hard on getting more a morning person – here are a couple of ideas. I still have a hard time with stopping the tech in time for bedtime, but I definitely enjoy no tech in the morning! No phone, no emails, no horrible world news, just breakfast and a snoring dog.

How anyone could get any work done in a place like that is beyond me, it’s so beautiful! I’d keep looking at the sea all day long.

And if you plan to change your walls, but can’t afford the wallpaper of your dreams, this might be a very good alternative.

What ever you have planned for your weekend, painting your house, meeting up friends, going running with your dog, snuggling up with your cat, petting the goldfish or doing a road trip like we are, I hope you have a great one!