Dear, oh dear, Friday

Oh dear, so much for keeping posts coming, anyway just a quick update: we currently have neither phone nor internet working at home (so much for our great plan to switch providers and get faster internet, haha), and our landlady is about to put the place on the market, which means sooner or later we will have to move again. Bumbling estate agents already tried to come into our place unannounced…. Thankfully the door was looked otherwise Micro would have been out of the door and gone.

Big thanks of the week for keeping me (halfway) sane: coffee & chair, not only do they have fantastic coffee (and internet) but they are always smiley and have a kind word. Love going there to get some peace! Go there if you are around! It’s Friday afternoon and Micro and I will be curling up in bed with old movies and a hot water bottle (both for me, Micro doesn’t care for either, but loves being curled up next to a human). More soon and have a great weekend!