Six weekends to Christmas

[su_dropcap style=”simple” size=”5″]S[/su_dropcap]o, I’ve been trying to ignore the signs, but they can no longer be ignored: it’s that time of year again, ALREADY! Stealthily, Christmas decorations have been popping up everywhere around me in the London shops, and yesterday there was a big ruckus with fireworks outside my office window (the lighting of the Christmas lights in Regent Street).

Only 6 weekends until Christmas (and the last of these already brings us Christmas Eve)! I guess that means I have to face up to it and make the most of the season…

Oven-baked apple

What are your favourites? One of mine is Chai Latte. In the video link above, a wonderful recipe by Anjalina Chugani (in Spanish) – although I’m a bit of a wimp and only use 2 tea bags instead of 4.

One of M’s favourites is baked apple, steaming hot from the oven. In fact, while preparing this post last night, I could not resist making a couple…

Microbus doesn’t like the cold, or the wind. He prefers to snuggle into one of his hoodies during the cold season…

Microthedog wearing his favourite hoodie

With Christmas almost upon us, I think I will revive some of the wonderful, simple things that make this time of year ‘gemuetlich’ (cosy, comfy, hygge): knitting, snuggling on the sofa with a good book, brisk walks with Micro and friends, watching old movies, hot chocolate, hot chai latte, Christmas fragrance in our diffuser, candles, baking, lots of music….

What are your favourite things for the season? Leave us a comment, and have a lovely weekend!