Introducing the Sick Wednesday

New year, new ideas on the blog. We had this idea for a long time, but somehow never got around. Writing about it is hard enough at times. Usually I spend my time ignoring my body and prefer if I’m not reminded that I have limits (thank you very much), and writing about it is seeing those limits quite clearly – but the added challenge to put things in a nice layout in a new page on the blog meant that we really never got around to do it. So, new year, new idea, we’ll start  ‘sick Wednesday’.

Before we can dive into anything a few words about living with a chronic invisible illness like mine  – in case you’re new and like catch up on parts of my story herehere or here …

… are you still with me? Yes? Okay, then let’s get going. What will ‘sick Wednesday’ be about, you ask? Good question! It will be about living with an illness, so it’s going to have different topics from personal experience, to trying to bring you life with illness a bit closer, and maybe even guest bloggers, we will see how it develops (oh, and you have NO idea how hard this is for me, I usually have a plan A-Z all ready with every variation possible prepared.. got to embrace new things –  every now and then).