What I would really like to do with my career

What’s next?

I keep asking myself this question. In fact, as a German living in London, I’ve been asking myself this question almost daily since the Brexit vote: what do I want to do with my career? What’s the next step? How can I continue to build my career (or start again, as the case may be) if we decide to move off this island that has decided to separate itself from its continental neighbours?

[su_column]I’m quite good at starting anew – adaptable, creative, gritty and determined (if I say so myself… others might call it thick headed and obsessed). I’m in my third career, and have completed 1.5 academic degrees in the meantime. But in my heart of hearts, I want to create something that brings joy in the madness that surrounds us at times. Something worthwhile for the community of people around me, that makes the world an ever so slightly better place for all of us. If I take the time to look inside, forget about the worries around financial security… It’s been my driving force since at age 14 I stepped onto a hospital ship that was bringing free treatment to people who couldn’t afford it, and admiring the dedicated crew from 30+ nations who worked on board with the same vision.[/su_column]

Now I’m a 40-something communications manager. I love my job. I’m proud of the company for whom I work, and respect and admire my co-workers. I am also about to (be forced to) embark on a new adventure, as in my heart of hearts I don’t think staying in Britain is a good option for me as a “EU Migrant” (that’s what the press has been calling us for the last year), and us as in our little Dots&Yarn pack of two humans and a rescue dog. Uncertainty has become a certain companion, and we can’t keep living like this without attempting to do something about it.

And then, I came across this, and it made my day: this is what I want to do! Maybe not exactly this (since someone else is already doing it), but for now this is my shining example of what’s possible to build. Congratulations to the Wrights and their entire staff team for what they have created, and the community they’re sharing with their customers every day. You rock!