Finishing this year’s JanuaryCure

What’s happened since our last post? We got over the JanuaryCure finish line (just about):

  • We re-finished the bedroom floor (and subsequently having to sleep in the living for about 3 weeks because of the smell)
  • We re-finished the grout in the kitchen and downstairs bathroom (my new favourite grout product ever – see last post!)
  • We exchanged or re-did all the silicone
  • We cleaned and re-organised the vortex (that’s what we call our guest room),
  • We attached new blinds – and even managed to get the sewing machine running and fixed my running (HA – rather dog-walking) leggings, and Micro’s Ruffwear coat where the neck seam had disappeared

And then we just about crawled over the finish line in time to start watching the 2018 Winter Olympics (go Team Germany!)

Last weekend was the first one since early December when we weren’t sick, cleaning, visiting or having family over – bliss! We did try Paws for coffee, the new dog-friendly cafe in Sheen, after a walk in Richmond Park (and after figuring out that the cafe’s address was wrong on their website, and defeating the rain – yay!). We even found new treats there  that Micro loves (!!!). Totally recommend it if you are in the area: trulyy dog friendly (for humans the food is good, too)! I have never before seen Micro getting so many treats and eating them as well! Usually he’s super picky and you feel embarrassed: everyone is super nice while he keeps looking at treats as if they wanted to poison him. My least favourite moment is when he spits treats back out after you just were told by the makers how much care they take in making them…

Now we’re looking forward to having G’s nephew over for half term. We’re going to pick him up later today. If you want to know what we’re up to this weekend, you can follow our Insta-stories. Happy weekend!!