Hello everyone! Our Dots&Yarn blog has moved to a new home. While Wix was fun and easy, we wanted to be able to do and share a lot of different things in the future, which are better supported on WordPress.

Also, having started out by writing mostly about music (Dots) and crafts/knitting (Yarn), our blog identity was almost a no-brainer. And while we still love both topics, we noticed that over the past 3-4 years – or in other words ever since Micro-the-dog joined our team – the focus has shifted to life and travel with dogs. Also, Micro has been a real life saver for M as she lives and works with a chronic illness. She has found the courage and determination to share more about this journey to help and exchange ideas with others who face similar challenges. Out of this our ‘sick Wednesday’ posts were born, and we’re planning to add more resources in the near future.

All of this has made us think that a new name for Dots&Yarn is in order, and so our new site is called Micro and Friends (according to my brother, Micro is the real boss in our household, but let’s not go quite that far…!!)

We’d love for you to come over and have a peek – and we will do our very best to write regularly and bring our resources up-to-date, so that they are worth sharing with you.

Micro and Friends

See you there soon!